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Bangladesh Cleft project

Lovely Smile

Lovely Smile is a voluntary organization provides medical service to bring a smile back to the parents and kids living with congenital cleft lips and palate. We, as a charitable children welfare organization, strive to look for our success in the smile of our beneficiaries. The dedicated and volunteer Doctors are the life force at Lovely Smile, and they perform surgeries safely and effectively to reconstruct congenital facial deformities using modern technology.

In Bangladesh, annually six to seven thousand babies are born with either cleft lip/palate or both often unable to eat or smile and cannot easily mix with others. Most of the time these children become an object of banter and socially marginalized. Besides, the parents are socially repressed and especially the mother is blamed for giving birth a deformed baby. Often these parents are unable to arrange necessary surgeries for their special children.

Therefore, Lovely Smile team volunteers to offer essential services. Since 2002 (until January 2018), we dealt with 12,000 patients (both adult and children) and performed around 8,000 surgeries to reconstruct cleft lip/palate/nose and other facial deformities for FREE.

We as a leading charitable organization, always try to bring back smile to the kids with facial congenital deformities by arranging FREE Camps in Bangladesh. We infuse hope for brighter future. If you wish to contribute in bringing changes to the lives of these children, you can donate at Lovely Smile. Lovely Smile brings back smile to the smile -deprived children with congenital cleft lip/palate/nose.

Therefore, our slogan is


In short words

Lovely Smile

We adorn sweet smile

Care and counselling for the children with cleft lip and palate as birth defect.


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