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The Sharim

You can to contribute yourself to change children’s lives, by give a donate. “Lovely Smile” is one of the charitable organization, “Lovely Smile” is a medical social service organization which are actively work for by born cleft lips and palate cut children and make smile back forever deprived children.

Only a few years from today in the past. Jalal and saleha was born in the light of rooms in accordance Sharmin. Unfortunately, Sharmin was born in accordance feet get was cut. So after birth, Sharmin in his family became inaffable and they facing a inconvenient circumstance. But it is not the last here,her mother Saleha drop in troubles of thousand types ridicules of social harassment and teasing is to hear. The to saleha one day they committed suicide. One day her father Jalal anger and hiding the sat in a brutal work. Under the pillow should try to murdering him Sharim But luckily, at the time of his grandmother were present at that time and sharmin was alive.. The victims of social teasing continuously one day her father notice that, her mother committed suicide for abnormal child brith. Slowly the sharmin grow up. Her grandmother could come to know this problem can behave a treatment. It is possible to make her normal then after she take shrmin and talk with doctors, after that she realized and arrang an operation of sharmin. Grand mom turn her beauty and bring in a normal life. Then a problem in front of mirror sharmin saw her face became natural, “my father and mother if you knew that after the operation is a beautiful face if possible may be available today.



The Sweety

Babul and popy was born in the light of rooms in accordance sweety. The new baby sweety was born in a palate cut so her mother Popy, she facing a troubles of thousand types ridicules of social harassment and people teasing to hear and they surrounding her even her father-in-law mother-in-law to several disrespect. Sun solar eclipse time poppy was cute fish/cute vegetable curry, at that time was spent so sweety have plalte cut has taken was born in such a false argument fact they fearful and give balm and torture on her. Actually it is a simple superstition, and some notion, lips or palate cut with the incident of the sun solar eclipse or do not have any relationship between moon solar eclipse. One day, poppy get to know it’s could be make free sweety through the operation, it’ is possible bring her a beautiful appearance can get back. she bring to us sweety after the operation, is a beautiful appearance got back to her. Sweety’s mom become joy started crying with happiness.



The Babu Goutam

Babu Goutam…. congenital reasons due to take fault was born in the first 7 months of life, his relative or neighbors make it hint defective born baby . The people of some of his disability do not want to inform people. But, “independence” festival time , they remember that how they hint their children ? All lovely eyes have to find a back to Babu … he will not do all like god gifts, their eyes tears are full of waters if he will get back his natural life like independence, the first day of his life? There has been an end to all not anxiety. “Joe Joe Goutam” his child ‘chest to she stood in front of everybody will say: “…. ” Say: “My Babu is wet by tears, your can make it god gifts waters “Cox bazaar was held in the operation camp in last week’s “cleft camp” we have to succeed Babu operation. …. Now he is completely healthy.



In short words

Lovely Smile

We adorn sweet smile

Care and counselling for the children with cleft lip and palate as birth defect.


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